Jean Charles de Castelbajac Logo Mania: Still Over It

I know I’m beating this dead horse- (and I hate that phrase- the poor horse!)– but really.  “Fusion art”?  Come on now.

In case you’ve forgotten the formula (and how could you since literally EVERYONE is doing it…)

1.  Take one unexpected item- Gun, Bullet, Electric Chair, Statue of African Baby, Lollipop, piece of Classic Art

2.  Add internationally recognizable luxury brand signature monogram- LV, CC, GG, FF, YSL, Dior

3.  Find an Art Gallery- and open your exhibit!

Seriously, though.  Who isn’t doing this? I guess luxury brands spend millions and millions of dollars promoting their brand’s marks- so folks are going to do what they can to make a little money on it.

I love that I want to say “why would we care”… but obviously I’m blogging it… :)

Pic Credit: Hypebeast

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