Itching for a Multicolore Beverly?

Louis Vuitton Multicolore Beverly GM
(Getty Images picture of the Louis Vuitton store in Brooklyn Museum of Art)

Well, no Limted Edition items at the Brooklyn Museum @Murakami Louis Vuitton Pop-up Store… but you can get a few items that aren’t yet available everywhere in the US.

1) As I’ve mentioned before, the Limited Edition gold Marilyn

2) The Multicolore Beverly in GM & PM, black and white

3) The Multicolore Eugenie wallet in black and white

They aren’t available in most boutiques yet… and keep your eyes out on eLuxury- they go in and out of Stock.

We’ve been dying to see both the Beverly AND the Eugenie in Multicolore, and it totally doesn’t disappoint IRL! This is a gorgeous bag… the colors pop and it’s an amazing style. You need it! No one else will be carrying one… and take a look:

Louis Vuitton White Multicolore Beverly GM



Louis Vuitton White Multicolore Eugenie


We’ve got an authentic, brand new white Multicolore Beverly GM AND a coordinating white Multicolore Eugenie on eBay right now. Pick them up now… these pieces are so hot! Be sure to check out our listings for a ton more pictures- inside & out!


We have the Gold White Multicolore Marilyn & a black Multicolore Beverly GM here on our website… don’t miss them!!!

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