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 Heath Ledger Richard Prince Nurses

OK, I just got back from seeing Batman, The Dark Night.  (I know, it only came out on Thursday, but I swear, I was the last person in the world to have seen it.  The girl leaving behind me was gushing that it was “soooo much better the second time around”.)  But, I digress…

Christian Bale did a good job- but, WOW… Heath Ledger was so amazing (as I’d heard).  I mean, my expectations for his performance were sky high- but still, he totally stole the show IMO.

And so there I was, taking a swig of the diet A&W rootbeer that I’d snuck into the theater, when I was faced with the Joker/ nurse scene.  What can I say- it gave me major creepy Richard Prince Nurse vibes.  I mean, seriously, was there an artistic/ make-up designer/ Richard Prince fan on the job?  What do you think?

Heath Ledger Richard Prince Nurses

That’s Richard Prince’s Mancrazy Nurse up top, and his Registered Nurse below.  Here’s another look at the Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton Mancrazy from the JOKES (Joker?) series:

Richard Prince Louis Vuitton Mancrazy

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