Honda City and Nissan Sunny: Mark 10 and Mark 9


Honda City and Nissan Sunny are both in the same market segment and released at the same time with the price of 40$ (900 million Vietnam Dong) but Honda City and Nissan Sunny have their own strengths.

In the middle of June 2013, small sedan segment became vibrant with the release of 2 new models in Vietnam market, Honda City and Nissan Sunny.  Both of them bring big expectations when Nissan affirm that Sunny is “the best seller motorcycle” in the world and Honda City reach 2 billion sale from its first release day.

Sale representatives of 2 Japanese manufacturer said that they did not want to be in competition; instead, their target was Toyota Vios which is the leader in small sedan market in Vietnam. However, the similarities between them make the customers to compare and consider.

Appearance: Young City and Classical Sunny.

It is easy to see the young design in Honda city with 3 spokes grille plated by chrome and witty headlamp that create an impressive head.  Whereas, horizontal grille make Nissan Sunny seem to be more classical.


Model Nissan Sunny 1.5 AT Honda City 1.5 AT
Size (mm) 4.425 x 1.695 x 1.505 4430 x 1695x 1485
Weight  (kg) 1.033 1.140
wheelbase (mm) 2.590 2.550
fuel capacity (lit) 41 42
Minimum radius of rotation (m) 5,3 5,3

Specifications comparison between them


Nissan Sunny is longer and taller than Honda so it seems to be “weaker” than Honda City but with this design, Sunny has high chassis and spacious interior.


Interior: Modern City and Spacious Sunny.

Honda City highest edition just has felt interior, even though felt material is still good but Vietnamese customers may prioritize Nissan Sunny’s beige – covered interior because it is brighter.

In addition, Sunny has 2 ventilation doors in order to create comfort for backseat customers.


Honda City and felt interior


Nissan Sunny and leather-covered interior.

In spite of lack of space, Honda City is impressed by the facilities. Honda City’s dashboard seems to be more modern than Nissan Sunny. Honda uses USB reader, AUX gate and IPod connection instead of using traditional CD drive.

City’s dashboard is more modern with separate function display

Sunny is so simple with 2 big clock.



Safety equipment:  Similarity

Both of them use ABS, EBD brake system with airbags. Sunny uses front disc brakes and back drum brakes while City uses both disc brakes.

City has turn signals that integrated with rearview mirrors.

General:  City and Sunny

Both Honda City and Nissan Sunny have similarities and the bright candidate for the leader of Vietnam small sedan market.  Honda Vietnam targeted to reach 1000 units in 2013 because of its expectation for this segment in Vietnam. Nissan’s goal is 1.000 units until the end of this year.

Car market is gradually recovered so small sedan model, costing 600 millions Vietnam Dong, is expected to breakout in the last 5 months.