Heidi Hearts Hermes

Well, I for one am not surprised.  Thanks to Twitter, we all know know that Heidi loves her Hermes Vert Anis. Chartreuse Birkin the most.  It’s pretty safe to say that if you own a Birkin- it’s up there on your list of favorites!

But Heidi’s got quite the Hermes collection going on.  I believe Heidi has at least three Birkins:  the Vert Anis, a Blue Jean, and a bright white.  But she’s also got a Hermes 32 cm Blue Lagoon Kelly and 35 cm Poussiere Kelly.

Say what you want about all of the cheesy “spontaneous” Sp-eidi photo-ops.  But the chick’s got good taste in bags.

Hey, Heidi… if you’re ever in the mood to unload- even to make room in that closet of yours for more amazing bags… let us know!  We have a few amazing authenic pre-owned Hermes Birkins & Kelly’s and an incredible Vintage Hermes Constance!  But we’re always interested in more.  Just drop in at our Boutique off Rodeo & Wilshire- we’d love to help you out :)

Photo Credit:  Us Weekly, Heidi’s Twitter

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