Health Benefits and Cooking Tips With Shirataki Noodles

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Health Benefits and Cooking Tips With Shirataki Noodles. Are you a pasta lover struggling to find a low carb alternative? Shirataki noodles may be the answer. These Asian noodlescome in three varieties: white, brown and tofu.  Since the white shirataki noodles are made from the konjac plant, a subtropical plant, these noodles provide a high-fiber, low carb replacement to the gluten and carb-heavy spaghetti products we know well in the US.  For those looking to increase their daily fiber intake, look no further then the brown shirataki noodle. This shirataki comes packed with added calcium and iron for the health-conscious noodle lover.  Finally, tofu shirataki noodlescontain high concentrations of protein by blending the konjac root with the nutritious soy bean curb of tofu.  This noodle works great in sukiyaki dishes or vegetable stir fries.

Cooking shirataki noodles is easy as long as you follow a few initial steps.  Before you do anything else, be sure you’ve rinsed the noodles thoroughly.  When the noodles are clean, parboil (or partially boil) the noodles in boiling water for two to three minutes – or until the noodles have softened to suit your tastes.  Simply add your favorite sauce or include the noodles with a sukiyaki or vegetable stir fry of your choice, and enjoy!  Keep in mind that shirataki noodles can be long, so depending on how you’re planning to prepare them, you may want to cut them to more appropriate lengths.

Shirataki’s health benefits are obvious.  All of these asian noodle types are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and the closest low carb alternative to the wheat noodle available.  If you’ve been holding off that diet because it doesn’t work with your high-carb noodle dishes – look no further than our assorted varieties of shirataki.  Asian Food Grocer is your source for shirataki noodles.

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