Graffiti Grannie

OK, I’m one of those lucky people who happens to have a family that she actually likes, let alone loves… (if you want to meet some of them, just drop by the office… almost everyone here is related to me in one way or another).

But I do try my hardest to refrain from posting pictures of my family on the blog unless they’re relevent.

And this one is sooooo relevant!  This is my cute little grannie!  I say little, because she is just the most adorable, miniature person!  Tiny!  And cute- because, well… look at her… she’s gorgeous!  At… wait for it… 97  years old (can I say that Grannie?), the woman is older than most of the vintage Louis Vuitton turnks that we sell.  She lives an amazingly healthy, active and energetic life!  She still walks every day- and I’m not talking a stroll… but clips along at a pace that makes us young folk winded keeping up!

Finally, the woman has great taste.  It’s not something she grew into, but something that she was just born with.  I love the pink Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Neverfull with her coloring.  So hot.  Graffiti is such a young look- but it just totally works for her.

We’ve got a lot of, shall we say seasoned clients… and they aren’t running around in muu-muus and purple hair.  I love it!

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