Get Paid When You Refer a Friend to Fashionphile

I know personally- that there are a lot of you who refer your friends and family to our luxury handbag consignment services.  And I totally appreciate it!  But I thought to myself, “why shouldn’t you get a little something when you pass on our name!”

So they way this program works is that for each friend that you refer to us, that sends us an item on consignment, or that we buy outright, we will pay you $25.  You can send us as many referrals as you want.  We’ll pay you $25 for each.


All they have to do is put your name in the “referred by” spot in their consignment or bag buy out contract form.

To make things even easier- and to make it less likely that they’ll forget you as they fill out that form… we actually created these little referral cards that you can print out.  You add your name, and give them to anyone you refer.  They’re really cute cards and you can print them out at home on regular paper or on the Avery 5371 business card paper that you can pick up at Office Max or Staples.

Anyway, thanks again!

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