France to Amp Up Fight Against Online Counterfeits


France takes the whole counterfeit thing seriously.  They seem to really “get” the harm that this under-market causes not only brands that are being faked- but society in general.

As part of a general effort to protect intellectual property and regulate what goes on in the web…. French lawmakers have come up with a Charter to help cooperation between all of the various companies who have interest and control in keeping fakes off the web.  The charter is being called “a statement of best practices”  and would standardize the way that companies (luxury labels, cosmetics, apparel, pharmaceutical and other companies that are regular victims of counterfeiting) cooperate with the e-commerce platform sites in their efforts to get rid of the fakes.

It’s not only the counterfeiting companies that get busted in France.  They don’t take kindly to the buyers and users of fakes period.  In fact, France just passed legislation that totally denies internet access to consumers caught illegally downloading movies and music.

They’re so headed in the right direction here.  But until people stop wanting fakes in the first place- counterfeiters will keep finding a way to make and sell them.   Until the masses “get” how uncool fakes are- it’s going to be a constant battle to shut them down…

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