Five Favorite Fashion YouTube Channels

Zoey Webber’s leading a double life: One where she’s considered a misfit at school just based on her clothing choices; the other where she’s a total A-lister at Fashion Week — mainly because of her creative fashion design blog, Sew Zoey. In the book series of the same name, Zoey learns how to make her own clothes, and totally hits it big time in the real world. So, in honor of the release of Sew Zoey, here are five of our personal favorite YouTube channels dedicated to — you guessed it — fashion!

1. Beautycrush — (a.k.a. Sammi Maria, a London fashion graduate) creates videos for her subscribers based on what products she’s been using in recent months. She gives makeup tutorials, styling tips, and reveals where she buys all of her clothes!

Instagram (@thebeautycrush)


2. Zoella280390 — The bubbly personality of British Zoe will draw you into her YouTube channel. On top of that she tells her subscribers where they can buy her favorite beauty products and fashion.


3. MissGlamorazzi — Ingrid Nilsen’s YouTube channel is a must-visit for those in need of DIY beauty and fashion tips. She tells subscribers her favorite products and even goes through her entire makeup routine for everyone to see!

Instagram (@thegridmonster)


4. MacBarbie07 — Also known as Bethany Mota, a teenager from California. We love her YouTube page because she makes great makeup and clothing videos. Plus she gives amaze outfit ideas for different holidays and events.

Instagram (@bethanynoelm)


5. BritPopPrincess — We love Patricia Bright’s YouTube channel because she gives amazing fashion, beauty, and hair tutorials. She even shows subscribers how to style one dress in five different ways!

Instagram (@pattyolovesu)



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