Fabulous GUCCI Freebie in Vogue China


Dang!  I’d always recommend checking FASHIONPHILE first if you’re looking for authentic Gucci accessories for less than retail- but even we can’t compete with FREE!!!!  If you purchase the August Vogue China for a whopping 20 yan (apparently around $3 USD) you’ll get this cool little GUCCI paper folder.


It comes in the camel color pictured above and in a dark chocolate as well.  As you can imagine, the edition is selling out all over the place, and the mags are popping up all over  Taobao- China’s eBay for $30+.


There is all kinds of commentary right now in the Chinese Blogosphere about whether or not this was a smart tactic.  Criticism centers its “mass”  distribution at such a cheap price.  Does this dilute the brand- and bring the accessibility of the label down to a general population that harms exclusivity?


I mean, it is just a paper folder… But what do you think?  And what would you use it for?

(Photo Credits: Vogue China, Jing Daily)

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