Eye Spy a Louis Vuitton Mancrazy

So… we were promised a Richard Prince Mancrazy back before it was even released, by a client was on the waitlist, but didn’t want to tell her favorite SA that she didn’t want it anymore.  (This is apparently a bigger problem than we’d known about a few years ago, as we hear this story quite a bit…) but I digress.

Well, we thought that this would be the perfect bag for the Queen of all Media, and our LA neighbor Perez Hilton.  So we actually emailed him and he totally wanted it.  Yada, yada, yada… his cute little mom came by the office and picked it up… but we never heard from him again, other than his email that said,

It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!  I’m drooling over it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Along with this sweet and thoughtful card,

Perez Hilton Louis Vuitton Mancrazy

So I’d thought about it quite a bit- and wondered if he was loving it, like I thought he would.   Well, the other day, Perez was on MTV Cribs- and I caught a glimpse of it in his “Pink Palace”- the second room that he’s converted into a big pink closet, and the room from which he tapes his bits on MTV’s TRL.

Can you find it?  Watch the video, and then click the link below to find a screenshot with the answer!!!


 Did you see it?

Perez Hilton's Closet

Right behind the boom lights.  I hope the precious baby doesn’t melt!

It looks like it had a prominent position, displayed on top of the stack of shelves there, before the cameras moved in.

I’m still waiting for a pictures of Perez carrying it around!

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