Done to Death

Uh… yeah.  So bizarre.  Not the concept of using the Louis Vuitton trademark logos on automatic weapons- that’s been done to death.  What’s bizarre to me, is how similar the “new” Justin Melnick “ARM ME” exhibition is in comparison with Peter Gronquiest’s The Revolution will be Fabulous- A Weapons of Mass Designer Show in LA just a couple months ago.  I mean, is it possible that Justin’s “images” are pictures of Peter’s work?  Take a look:

From Justin’s exhibition:

Arm Me Louis Vuitton

From Peter’s:

Peter Gronquist Louis Vuitton

The fact is that the whole thing bugs me on several levels.

First, it’s just not clever.  Sure, it’s disguised as clever, but it’s just not.  It’s the oldest, easiest trick in the book.  Use Louis Vuitton (and other luxury label’s good names) obviously without their permission and on something ugly and controversial.  Quick money.

Such a direct copy of an already lousy concept just demonstrates a lack of imagination.  It’s just not impressive at all- and again- actually is only remotely interesting considering the irony and the real battles that Louis Vuitton et. al wage with people copying them everyday.

Don’t get me wrong- I think Peter’s work is just as bad.  He’s clearly using illegally manufactured counterfeit scarves and unlicensed fabrics (you can see in closeups that these pieces aren’t painted- but use glued on fabric) to produce these “pieces of art” (and I use that phrase loosely).  All this does is perpetuate the very problem that both exhibitions are meant to make statements on.  Read articles on the connection between counterfeits and terrorism HERE and HERE.

Just my opinion.  And I can tell from all over the web, that there are a lot of folks out there impressed and entertained by Justin & Peter’s work.

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