Does Marc Jacobs Recycle?

Marc Jacob Flights of Fancy

I was just perusing BagSnob, when I came across this post on Marc by Marc Jacob’s Flights of Fancy shopper and Marc Jacobs Cat bag

And I had major flashbacks back to 2002 and Marc’s cool leather & canvas patchwork Conte De Fees collaboration with artist Julie Verhoeven.

Louis Vuitton Conte De Fees Beggars Bag

And I was just thinking of how much they remind me of each other…

Marc Jacobs Cat Bag

I mean… Marc was part of the mastermind behind the 2002 collaboration… so afterall, it’s his own work he’s recycling.

Louis Vuitton Conte De Fees

What do you think?

Picture Credits:  Bag Snob, Net-a-Porter, & our own Fashionphile photophile!!!

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