Did you see FASHIONPHILE in this month’s Sunset Magazine?


Ahhh, love this!  Sunset Magazine- for those of you 20 inches deep in snow :( on the East Coast, is a fantastic Lifestyle magazine for those of us on the Left Coast.  Actually, it’s pretty much covers the entire Western sector of the US.  It was established in 1898 as a mag to promote the west coast on the Southern Pacific Railroad’s Sunset Route from New Orleans to San Francisco.  Now, it’s just a great travel, cooking and gardening mag.

Anyway, there’s a fun little article in the February edition called “Beverly Hills for the Rest of Us” that includes a fun little economical Beverly Hills tour.  How fun that they included little old us!  They took a nice picture of a monogram Louis Vuitton Eole along with some beautiful Louis Vuitton trunks, etc.  Love this funny little quote:

“It turns out that the term “bargain” is relative in Beverly Hills: Even secondhand, many items (except for a $125 lipstick case) still had four-digit price tags, a steal by Rodeo Drive standards. I decided paying my mortgage was probably smarter.”

Bargain is relative.  For example, we’ve got a pre-owned authentic Louis Vuitton Suhali Lockit GM right now for $2999.00.  The same bag around the corner at Louis Vuitton will cost you $3790.00.  $791 may not get you much in 90210, but it’s a mortgage payment in some parts of the US!

Pick up Sunset to take a look- or drop by the Showroom… it’s dog eared on our coffee table, of course!

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