Decorate with Louis Vuitton Trunks: Tommy Hilfiger Does it Again

Tommy Hilfiger Louis Vuitton trunks

I just got off a really cool call- and it made me think of some new pictures I’d seen in FCH Magazine of the decorating that Tommy Hilfiger’s done with vintage Louis Vuitton trunks.  I blogged a while back about his fabulous library- and the amazing juxtaposition of his vintage French trunk by his American as apple pie Warhol “Uncle Sam” painting.  Just love it!!!

But I can’t get enough of the living room shot above!  I mean- I love the African thing going on (poor little Zebra) together with the original American, “Geronimo” (again by Warhol) and the totally French Iconic Louis Vuitton monogram trunk.  AMAZING!!!

And… if you read my blog- you know I LOVE a little customization in the paint department on these things.    So, I’m digging the trunk below.  The red and black paint really pops and just gives it that even more unique touch.

Louis Vuitton trunks Tommy Hilfiger

If you’re interested in a similar look… be sure to email Jesse our trunk guy about what we’ve got available and what your needs are!  He works with local Interior Designers, collectors and other folks just looking for cool vintage Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks!

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