C’mon now, Costco- LV & Chanel?


I’ve got to admit- I love Costco as much as the next mom- but I don’t know what to say about this.  I’ve heard rumors over the years that different Costcos have stocked various luxury handbags that I had some serious doubts about authenticity-wise.  I mean, some brands just don’t wholesale or discount at all- ever… and so to see those brands at a Wholesaler like Costco just made me either doubt the bag’s origin (and authenticity)- or the story of the person sharing it.

Well, now… word is out- and pictures from Bloomberg/Getty Images to match… from the New York City opening of the first Costco in the City- East 116th Street… and the Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags that they seem to be selling at a discount.  They apparently have the Chanel Classic Flap (for $1999), have sold out of the Louis Vuitton Speedy.  Now, as we all know- these brands don’t Wholesale.  And Louis Vuitton doesn’t discount- ever.

So hmmm.  I mean, I guess, there’s a possibility that for publicity, as kind of a luxury, designer “loss leader” to bring in Fashionphiles across the City- Costco purchased some amazing authentic luxury handbags directly boutiques- and are selling those bags for less than what it cost them- as a crazy, cool marketing tactic.  And then there’s the other possibility… the bags are from a questionable source and ya know what that means.

I’d LOVE to know if any of my Fashionphile readers here have been to this Costco, and have checked out these bags!  Let us know!

Source:  Stylelist

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