Chanel Surf’s Up at Fashionphile


Seriously?  Chanel is just not messing around with this stuff!  Check out the amazing guaranteed authentic pre-owned luxury Chanel surfboards we got in this week!

I mean, don’t get me wrong- I may be a California girl, but I’m no surfer.  And quite frankly, I can’t see putting one of these PARTICULAR little beauties in the water, although they are absolutely legit functionally.  Chanel’s luxury surfboards are shaped in black, white and red monochrome carbon fiber, polyurethane and fiberglass.  Brilliantly- they are equipped with special spaces on the back for easy wall hanging.  Honestly, these beauties need to be hung like the pieces of art that they are!

You COULD purchase a surfboard directly from Chanel for $9000, but why would you do that when we have an absolutely STUNNING pre-owned authentic Black one AND an equally amazing WHITE Chanel surfboard for much thousands of dollars less!

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