Chalk one up for eBay

eBay may have lost the Hermes case and the Louis Vuitton case and the Rolex case…  but it seems they’ve turned a corner.

After winning against Tiffany & Company here in the US last year, it looks like they’ve finally won their first case on French soil.  A French court ruled that eBay would not be held liable for the sale of fake L’Oreal on their site.  In fact, the court determined that eBay acted “in good faith” in its efforts to rid the marketplace of fakes.  The court suggested that rights owners and internet retailers attack the counterfeit problem in”‘close collaboration”.

It doesn’t look liket L’Oreal’s going to appeal the French ruling, but they’ve still got open lawsuits against eBay UK & Germany.

Hey, we want the fakes off the site as much as anyone.  But, come on luxury… sought after brands out there- you’ve got to recognize that the ability to resell what we buy benefits you in several ways.

1)  We’ll pay more than we ordinarily would (we’ll sell it later- it’s an investment)

2)  Items with better resale value are thought to be more valuable

3)  If I can resell something that I bought a while ago, it frees up cash for me to be buy more
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