Carrying a Knock-off Causing Political Trouble


Bitou, South Africa DA councillor Elaine Paulse is in some hot water right now for the knock-off handbag she carries.  Apparently, Paulse challenged ANC Mayor Lulama Mvimbi for wasting tax payer money on bodyguards and a fancy BMW X5 he’s driving as his official car.

So now, the ANC secretary of Bitou, Lingo Sulani is claiming that Elaine Paulse’s handbag (the bag pictured above) is an authentic, Louis Vuitton valued at over $2650!  The problem being that Paulse did not declare this valuable gift as the Councillors’ Code of Conduct requires.  Looks like Bitou ANC councillors are going forward with disciplinary proceedings and are trying to get the bag authenticated and appraised.

So Jacquie Myburgh, a columnist for South Africa’s Times and a former fashion magazine editor came out and said “there’s not a single LV monogram in sight, which … is what clearly denotes the coveted Vuitton brand.”  But apparently the ANC wants to bring in “an expert” for an evaluation.

Uhhh, honestly.  Does this one really require an expert?  Ew!  This thing is so clearly fake it’s comical.  It’s almost not even trying.  The closest Louis Vuitton’s come to that style is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Ellipse- and this is a stretch:


The pattern in the monogram in the knock-off is not anything like what’s in an authentic bag.  The bag that Elaine Paulse carries was obviously inspired by the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram- but it’s so far off, it’s hardly recognizable.

The problem here IMO isn’t the value of the bag- but the idea that anyone- particularly someone in political office would carry a knock-off in the first place.

Ms. Paulse- ditch the fake.  There are so many options out there in that are stylish and economical- but that don’t try to be something they aren’t.

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