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 Madonna Vanity Fair May 2008 Meisel

So rumors are flying that it’s a wrap on the Louis Vuitton x Madonna photoshoot by Steven Meisel.  Apparently, it went down on Friday.  If you do a shoot in Argentina (like the Coppolas) it’s possible to keep secrets.  But when you’re shooting right here in LA, you know word’s gonna get out!

As Rock the Trend pointed out- here’s so much information available that you can can almost picture how it probably went down and can practically visualize the end result.

Here’s what’s going around the blogosphere:

  • Steven Meisel took the pics, not Mert & Marcus (click here to reminise) or Alas & Piggott- as had been rumored (WWD, last time Madge & Meisel worked together, was or the cover & spread in Vanity Fair May 2008.  The picture at the top of this post is from this spread as well.  They’re old friends- who can forget his pictures in Madonna’s infamous Sex Book!)

Vanity Fair Cover Madonna May 2008

Figaro Bistro LA

Figaro Bistro LA in Vogue Magazine

Figaro Bistro LA in Vogue Magazine

  • Garren did her hair.   You can see what it looked like in the picture below from Friday night after the shoot and a little worship at the Kabbalah Center.  According to Drowned Madonna- Garren worked on the VF May 2008 shoot too!  (More pics at Madge-Tribe)

Madonna leaving the Kabbalah center

It’ll be really interesting to see how close the shoot is to the image I’ve got in my head!

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