Black is the New Black

Black will always be my favorite “color” – always. When my teachers would tell me “Black isn’t a color” I would reply, “well, then I don’t have one, I like black”, much to their disappointment.  As years went by I grew to like other colors, gold, yellow, hot pink… but they were always accompanied by black. My boots are always black, my coats are always black, but everything in between is allowed a little more leeway. I do prefer grey jeans to blue ones and most of my favorite t-shirts are black, but I try and bring a little color to my outfits, and when I do, it’s usually quite a bright color. I don’t go for the muted tones much, neons, more so, and I hope to be a black and neon clad tattooed old lady one day. A girl can hope.

Here are some of my favorite black, white and grey outfits from this weeks finds!

Howling into the Wind


Black, White & Grey


winter tweed


Studded Sleeves


Black and White Harajuku


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