Beijing: The world`s biggest beer festival, Oktoberfest


Beijing: The world`s biggest beer festival, Oktoberfest.
Nearly six million people attend Munich`s Oktoberfest every year in Germany, and it is being held in Beijing for the first time.

According to Ocean Wang, executive director of the festival, “everything is ready and the Beijing Oktoberfest welcomes people from all over the world to raise your glasses”.

The Beijing Oktoberfest will last for two weeks and is being organised at the Olympic Park.

The festival features four themed tents, namely the Munich Oktoberfest, HB royal, Neuschwanstein Castle and Sissi.

The Munich Oktoberfest tent will have more than 10,000 seats and take up an area of 13,000 square meters, which is a new record as the world`s largest single beer tent.

Like the German version, Beijing`s Oktoberfest will be awash with German beer and Bavarian food, and German chefs will prepare the traditional feast.

Apart from food and drink, music is a must at Oktoberfest. Five bands who are regular frequenters at the Munich version of the massive booze-up, will bring the authentic oomp-ah strains of Bavaria to Beijing along with some popular Chinese melodies.

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