Attn: Fashionphiles in Indianapolis- don’t miss this!


Un-believable!!!!  If you’re in the area… do NOT miss this crazy auction where the government is trying to get back some $2 million in evaded taxes from shop-a-holic Susan Ellis.  Susan can’t do much about it- cause she’s presently serving time down in Kentucky!!!


It’s tomorrow at Earl’s Auction Co in Indianapolis.  I’ve only included pictures of some bags here… and Louis Vuitton bags at that.  But there are literally probably 100 or so- bags (Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Ferragamo, etc!), and more wallets and small pieces.


But I’m not talking cheap small accessories & pouches… a few different LV French Purse wallets (mono, damier, vernis), the Portefeuille chain wallet, etc. etc.!

AMAZING!  All in very good- to brand new condition.  It’s craziness.  All different brands, and styles…


And tons and tons of clothes- I’m talking brand new with tags $5000+ Chanel jackets etc.  Like a hundred or so.  It’s craziness, and I only wish I could have been part of it :(

If you go… PLEASE tell me how it went!  Check here to browse the AMAZING pictures- LOADS of them!!!

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