A little piece of vintage YSL Heaven!

Yves Saint Laurent YSL Auction

It looks like the Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Bergé Christies auction November 17-19 will not only include art and furniture- but you’ll find his amazing Louis Vuitton luggage set as well as three Hermès crocodile suitcases! (WWD)

Christies doesn’t have pictures up yet- and viewing doesn’t start until November 12- but I can’t wait to get a peek!

Christies makes it easy to bid online with Christies LIVE.  I’ve picked up tons of cool vintage pieces this way- and it’s relatively painless.  Do remember that this isn’t eBay- you’ll pay an ADDITIONAL 20-25% of the final auction price in a “buyer’s premium” and shipping is not cheap!  (I learned both of those little nuggets the hard way the first time around!!!)

Still… it’s fun, and there are incredible pieces to be found!

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